Southern California Fires
Oct 27, 2003

One of the Southern California fires that got a little too close for comfort....

9:30am - We went to check out the position of the fires in the morning. They closed both sides of the 118 freeway the night before, but the fires still seemed far enough away that things would still be ok.

These pictures are from a freeway overpass. Previous view was looking toward the east where the fires were, and this is just a picture to the west.

More pictures of the fire in the distance. It was really interesting seeing all the different types of fire-fighting aircraft. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of them all.
9:50am - Here's a view from our neighborhood. It got a bit closer and there was definitely a lot more smoke than 20 minutes ago.
9:54am - Firemen started to arrive, just to keep an eye on things in case the fire jumped the freeway.


10:09am - Not looking too good.



Around 1:00pm, we started seeing flames on the visible side of the mountain, and that's when the cops came around and told everyone to evacuate. Since we had already packed up the important stuff the night before, all we had to do was grab the pets (which we dropped off at my parents' house) and take off. We crashed close by at our friend's place (thanks Kevin & family!) Luckily, the fires never crossed the freeway, and instead headed back over the canyon. We were able to come home the next day. :)