FEMBA Vegas Trip
December 17-18, 2005

The social chair for Jason's UCLA FEMBA class organized a one-night trip to Vegas after their first quarter finals. We flew to Vegas on Saturday and flew back on Sunday - a short, but epic trip. Dan the Man did a fantastic job planning the trip. He got 10 of us 3 penthouse suites on the top floor of The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, with each suite averaging 2,700 square feet. Then he got us a VIP table on the dance floor at Tao, the current hot-spot of Vegas. Thanks for an amazing trip Dan!!

We knew we were in for an interesting trip when we spotted Jose Conseco on our flight from Burbank to Vegas. So during the flight, Erika made a "Jose (heart) FEMBA '08" sign, and once we landed, she tracked him down and had him pose with us.

Walking toward our suites in The Hotel.

Needless to say, the Penthouse suites were AMAZING. Each suite had floor to ceiling windows with gorgeous views of the city, a king-size bed, 3 huge flatscreens, showers that doubled as steam rooms, tubs with small flatscreens, control panels in each section of the suite that controlled the TVs, speaker system, etc., a den, living room, wet bar, master bedroom, office area, and 2 bathrooms. We were in heaven.
Erika and Mark on the plush bed in front of one of the flatscreens.

A view of the largest suite's (3,000 sq feet) dining area and living room.

Dan sitting on his tub with the mini TV.


Looking out onto the city from our den's window.

Dan and Jason doing some pre-partying with beer and chips.

Erika and I in the wet bar.

Jason, Dan, Mark and Erika in front of the windows.

A view of the Mandalay Bay sign from our suite's bedroom windows.

Mark relaxing Hefner-style in the hotel's soft robes.


Scott and his wife Michelle

Jason and I

Just watching the game and kicking it.

Sean, his friend Meghan, and Erika

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