FEMBA Vegas Trip
December 17-18, 2005

At 8:00 p.m. we went from our suites on the 62nd floor, to the hotel's bar, Mix, on the 63rd floor. There, we met and chatted it up with two pilots in the UK airforce and got an awesome view of The Strip. From left: Jason, Me, pilot from Ireland, Dan, the other pilot, Erika, Michelle, Scott and Mark.

At 9:00 we headed to dinner at Georgio's and did a shot to warm us up before heading to the club. From left: Chun, Me, Nela, Erika and Francois

We got to Tao around 11:00 and there were tons of people waiting to get in with a line that seemed to wrap around the square plaza a few times, but with Dan the Man doing his magic, we didn't have to wait and were escorted to our VIP table located right off the dance floor.

Scott, Nela and Chun looking at the alchy menu.

Dan with a few hoochies in the background.

We had 3 large bottles of vodka to last us the night

These bottles were sooo beautiful, they contained 7-Up, orange juice, water and cranberry juice.

Sean and our waitress

A gratuitous pic for the boys

Michelle, Scott and Dan

Jas and I

Nela, Chun & Dan

Jason, Scott and Michelle

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